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FH Bielefeld

Modepreis // Die FH Bielefeld gibt den Studierenden die tolle Möglichkeit Kritik von international erfolgreichen Designern, beim jährlich verliehenem Modepreis, zu erhalten. Eine gute Gelegenheit den Designern mal ein paar Fragen zu stellen. Als erste in der Reihe: Anna Smith, Designerin bei COS in London.

[Interview in Originalsprache]

fashionfika: As designers you are to constantly observing and evaluating what is going on around you in order to find inspiration for your work. Today you are here to evaluate the work of our fashion design students – on what aspects will you put your main emphasis when doing so? :

Anna Smith: Originality and newness are my main focus points. It’s easy to make variations on what exists, but to come up with something new and fresh is the hard part. But also the most interesting.

ff: In your opinion, who is the most promising young fashion designer internationally at this point in time and why? :

AS: I think there are plenty of promising young fashion designers but not everyone gets the same opportunities. At the moment, for me, there’s not anyone that really stands out individually.

ff: What advice would you give to fashion students in regards to the way they should approach and structure their studies and also in regards to continuing their carreer after finishing college? :

AS: Be as focused as possible; set your goals and do everything it takes to reach this. With regards to continuing a career after finishing college: if you are able to and want to, a master degree can really help you get further. Also think about where you want to do your degree, there are very good courses out there and it can help to do some research on this.

ff: Sometimes it’s hard to find your own way. What was the best advice you got from someone in regards to your professional career as as fashion designer? :

AS: Don’t start your own label immediately after uni, because you will make mistakes and it’s better to make mistakes on someone else’s costs (your employer).

ff: Fashion often mirrors society and the general zeitgeist. What in your opinion is the most dominant socio-cultural tendency at this point in time? How and where can you see it being reflected within the current world of fashion? Is there a specific collection which comes to mind in this context? :

AS: The concept of borders is hard to avoid. On the one hand they are disappearing through digital media and the accessibility of traveling, but especially the recent developments in Europe, the U.K. and the Middle East forces us to re-evaluate this. The latest Vetements collection comes to mind, merging of brands, borders disappear. It feels a bit like a protest.

ff: Would you say there is a specific characteristic to the designs of FH Bielefeld? If so how would you describe this characteristic? :

AS: The creative draping is making an impact, there is a certain softness and fluidity that runs throughout. It gets most interesting when this is combined with harder shapes or fabrics and bolder silhouettes.

Thanks a lot for your time – it was a pleasure meeting you at FH Bielefeld!

Über Anna Smith (COS):
Nach dem erfolgreichen Bachelor Abschluss an der Arnhem Universität der Künste absolvierte die gebürtige Niederländerin 2011 ihren Masterabschluss an dem renommierten Royal Collage of Art in London. Dort, von inspirierenden Input umgeben, wurde ihr im September 2011 eine Ausstellung ihrer Arbeiten während der ›London Fashion Week‹ ermöglicht. Es dauerte nicht lange, bis das Modeunternehmen ›Cos‹ sie anwarb. Binnen eines Jahres arbeitete sie sich von der Assistentin zur Chefdesignerin der klassischen Konzeptlinie hoch, die alle Kleidungsstücke auf Basis von Jersey und Weberei umfasst.


Fotos: Artur Birkel / Merle Burgey

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